other stuff | November 27, 2009
3 of my favorite things (topped off with turkey and dressing?!! could it BE any better?). 
It's the weekend of Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for so, so, so many things this year. 

My top 5...

1 }  An incredibly loving and supporting family
2 }  Clients that trust us enough to capture the fleeting moments in their lives
3 }  Employees that work relentlessly to make all of our client's dreams come true
4 }  Vendors that appreciate our business and deliver an excellent product
5 }  Good health and turkey

I hope you have too many blessings to count this year. Enjoy your family and fellowship through the rest of the weekend. 

Be blessed!


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I just found this super fun idea for a birthday party on my friend's blog. She let her little girl have a chocolate slip and slide themed party and it made me teary to read what her daughter said during the party...she said, "Am I in a dream?". 

As a parent, how difficult is it to make our children feel this way? For me, it's super difficult because it means a balance of not spoiling them with everything they want against doing things that will make life harder for me (like clean up after a chocolate slip and slide party). 

I remember as a little girl, my mom worked all day/every day. One day during a summer break, she took off work to take my brothers and I to the carnival in town. She cooked us grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup for lunch, then we went and had a blast riding rides and enjoying cotton candy. That day really sticks out to me growing up because I never expected it to happen. It made me feel the same way this little birthday girl felt..."Am I in a dream?". 

The common thread I see in the two occasions is selflessness. 

Selflessness : 

having little or no concern for oneself, esp. with regard to fame, position, money, etc.; unselfish.

I want to be more selfless with my family. Thanks Tamara for the reminder and the inspiration!

to locate quickly, in the "search" box, type the word : birthday

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Sommer Hill says:

TINA....what an inspiration! How much fun do you think those girls had! That was a great idea! And like you said the comment about "am i in a dream?" that did it for me! I would have totally loved that as a kid! Thanks for sharing! You have made my day!

(11.10.09 @ 10:00 AM)
Tamara Lackey says:

awww.... love this writeup, Tina :) :) :)

(11.10.09 @ 12:01 PM)
Tina L says:

Hello Tina I just love when a thought is actually turned in to reality!!!!! A memory my niece will never ever forget!!! I just hope in you young memories the Clowns didn't ruin your day> I am anti-clown!!!

(11.10.09 @ 12:08 PM)
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buy this ensemble for their next session with us! to. die. for.
Picture 7.png

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mary crow says:

If you buy it for me Tina I will hire you to photo me! Love that necklace.... Anthropologie: modern woman's drug of choice.

(10.27.09 @ 03:15 PM)
tina says:

I will buy it for you if you will pay for what products I select for you to have after our session. :)

(10.27.09 @ 03:20 PM)
John Blair says:

Tina, that is a cute ensemble and I may buy it and show up at your studio in it. I think my legs could really pull the outfit together. Now,,, to find just the right shoes.

(10.27.09 @ 03:37 PM)
Reyna says:

I LOVE Antropologies outfits - especially their dresses! If I had a chance of getting my pictures taken in this outfit, I so would!! :)

(10.28.09 @ 06:14 PM)
mary crow says:

Tina, great! Know any rich sugar daddies?????

(10.29.09 @ 11:10 AM)
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Yes, it just happened!!!! We photographed "the family" for the show. What a totally awesome experience! It's mind boggling to me how gigantic God is. 

First, we were set to have this incredible Wine Social yesterday. We've all been SUPER pumped about it! As the responses start coming in... sadly, they were mostly disappointments and regrets due to travel schedules. We all put our heads together and decided the wisest choice was to move the event to spring so our peeps could enjoy the night we had designed for them.

Meanwhile, I get a call from a friend asking if I'm available for a "big" shoot on this same date. I had told her no and the deadline had passed. The next day, we decided to reschedule the Wine Social, so I just sent a note back (thinking it was waaaaayyyy too late) just saying, hey, I'm available for this date now if you still need me. Honestly, I didn't think a thing of it. I had passed on the opportunity and accepted that it just wasn't my time to get to do the show. Long story short (I'm sure I'm too far gone to shorten anything at this point), my friend put me in contact with the design producer and informed me I was in! 

Never in 2 million years would I have thought it would work out that way. Here's the truth. I've prayed since I started watching the show that someday I would be able to be a part of it. I wanted to take the pictures of the family that goes on the walls of this incredible new home signifying the moment in their journey where life took a turn for the better. Today was the day. 

Being there felt so completely comfortable. Meeting the family and photographing them was like working with any of my clients I've known for years. It was all so natural and effortless. They were incredible to work with. Of course, I assume that all the families are prolly gonna be incredible to work with after all the good news they've just heard! But the bond I saw in this family and love they have for each other was just too cool for words (good thing I'm a photographer and not a writer, isn't it?). 

I can't really tell you anything about who the family is and there are tons of details that I don't even know. Actually, I'm not even sure when the show is going to air. However, I will definitely keep you posted. Thanks for all the encouraging words that everyone has been sending. I'm so grateful to have an opportunity to be a part of something so big and COOL! 

PS...True Confession : We watch this show ALL the time and I've always thought the "door knock" portion was set up....yeah, it's NOT! It's totally for real. So exciting!

Here's a few little peeks into my day...
The Infamous Bus

lots of construction trucks as you can imagine....it's amazing how they organize the site and direct people around! 

Taking pictures of one of the family members, when one of the on camera designers popped in for a creative little pose of his own.....

As I was leaving, these 2 buses were off-loading all the helpers...cold chills, cold chills, cold chills. I see this show and it gives me cold chills but being there for just a short time just made it all very tangible for me. Amazing experience. Loved it!

OH! almost forgot this one...I've always wondered what they do for food while all this is going on. Here it is! I heard him say he would feed 1000 people the day I was there. May have been an exaggeration, but I know he'll feed a ton! So neat!
That's all I can show you for now. After the show airs I'll be able to share more with you. Until then....Dream really big. ;) You're wildest dreams CAN happen! 
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Allison Rodgers says:

So excited for you Tina!!! I know you did a wonderful job :) Can't wait to see the show!!!!

(10.18.09 @ 03:10 PM)
tina says:

Thank you, sweet friend! Thanks again for the hook up!

(10.18.09 @ 03:41 PM)
rachel says:

incredible. so proud of you. btw....you do a fabulous job of inspiring others while staying grateful, humble, and gracious.. That probably impresses me even more that your TRULY AMAZING work!

(10.18.09 @ 08:29 PM)
Tina Wilson says:

Awww, thanks! I have some really great friends who help me keep my feet on the ground. >

(10.18.09 @ 08:42 PM)
Angelica Ares says:

That is great news!! I love Extreme Home Makeover. I love hearing the stories of hope and inspiration and you are the perfect person to have been chosen to do the photographs for a family in need. You inspire me. Congratulations!!

(10.18.09 @ 09:31 PM)
Leslie Gilbert says:

I am choked up thinking about you being there!! What an incredible experience!! I am so proud of you!!!

(10.19.09 @ 11:05 AM)
Chanel Parrott says:

Tina, I am so excited that you were able to do it! When they said TN you were the first to come to mind, I just was not sure how close you were and all that! Glad it all worked out! It will be a busy week but it is worth it to help out a family in need and for the story to tell. God had it all worked out!

(10.19.09 @ 12:14 PM)
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Evidently, you're a globe-trotter! Watch below....

Wine Social : Date Change from tina wilson on Vimeo.

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