A very common question we get is, "what should we wear?" I could spend days on this topic, but instead, I've spent a few hours pulling together our Top 10 preferred shopping sites for you. The links displayed here are for children's clothing, however at least 6 of the 10 listed, you will find incredible clothing for you as well! While we preach, "dress in a way that is true to who you are", we know everyone loves a good excuse to shop. You can still dress in a way that is true to you while adding a hint of spice from one of the shops below. 

***My favorite tip for dressing 3-20 people for a session...choose 3-4 colors and tell everyone to wear something in that family. Major stress reducer! :) 

Happy Shopping.

(boys and girls)
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Picture 6.png

(super cute ideas for boys and girls)
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(the website doesn't have lots to see, but my friends Garrett and Joy have lots of their stuff for their little girls and I freak over their wardrobe! Camera ready, baby.)
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(boys, girls, babies)
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(boys and girls)
Picture 11.png

(tried and true for boy looks...super cute girls stuff......and bonus : it's quick and easy to grab a few days before a shoot if needed!)

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Picture 19.png

(boys, girls, babies)

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Picture 21.png

(boys, girls, babies)
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