It's always tough bringing a new baby home, especially when there is already a designated "roost ruler", aka...1st child, 1st grandchild ((on both sides)). I can't imagine what it must be like to get life rolling and as soon as things start to level off a starts walking, talking, potty training... BAM! add another child and start the whole process over again. I find it sooooo incredibly interesting to watch this dynamic take place and find myself having so much respect for parents that have one child after the other. 
People say to Kevin and I (re: our kids)..."wow, I have no idea how you ever did it with twins" only to hear our reply, "wow, I truly couldn't imagine having one, THEN another". I think we were lucky to have gotten to do it all in one whack! 
Anyway, this big sister is in love with her "big guy" little brother and I can't wait to see them for their next session! I'm so glad you didn't wait until life settled down before you booked this session! You'll never regret it. ;) 

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