Everson is literally growin' like a weed! 

If you didn't know...The Brackens are now a family of 6!

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This family is precious to me. They are not only some of my very best friends in the world, but I have also been photographing them now for 10 years! How crazy is that!? It's truly priceless to me to have the privilege to photograph the stories, growth and journey through the years. Currently, they have adopted not one but 2 babies and now have completed their family. 

Can I just be honest....I cried during her slideshow here at the studio thinking about all of this. I did. 

Addison was 3 and Jackson was just a baby when our relationship started. Watching those two grow up and getting to watch these two new precious angels join the ranks of the family has been almost more than I can handle! Sweetness. Grateful that I get to watch their love grow through my lens. Good stuff.

Anonymous says:

look cute

(09.05.13 @ 04:46 PM)