If this is the first time you have ever visited our blog, do a quick search at the top right corner of the screen for "bracken"....................

Okay, now. You'll notice there are not one but TWO new additions to the family. Creed joined the family in January last year, then we welcomed baby Everson just a few short months ago in April. If you missed it and you're the cyber nosy type, have a peek at Creed's first year of life by clicking here. Not to worry...Everson's will be ready soon enough. She's 3 months old as I'm posting this. 

The decision to adopt is bold, scary, brave, exciting, nerve-racking, an emotional roller coaster, momentous, fulfilling, hard, stressful and filled with all sorts of happiness. I've witnessed this family going through both adoptions and it has brought me to the conclusion that adopting is so crazy similar to deciding to have a baby. The emotions, anticipation and planning are all relatively the same...well, not the same but they weigh out the same. Does that make sense? The thing about adoption is...it gives a little life hope. A chance. An opportunity to be surrounded with a family who wants to love them on purpose and bring them up in a home where they can have opportunities. 

What a beautiful milestone, to welcome a new little being into a family. I'm grateful to have been given a gift to share with others to document times such as this. 

If you are in the processing of adopting, would you drop us a line to let us know? We would love to pray for your process and your new baby, as well as hear your story and document your first family portrait for you as a gift for giving life to a little one. We're excited to hear from you!