Do you remember the show Family Ties? Alex P. Keaton? Anyone? No? 
Not sure why that's the first thing that popped in my head when I was looking at this session, but it is. I'm afraid to say what I remember about the show because the older I get, when I go back and watch things that I once deemed as appropriate and wholesome to watch, seem very inappro-pro even for today's culture. It's interesting to see how tv shows subliminally shape our minds.'s getting deep over here...I was MERELY trying to elude to the idea of "preppy, all american, wholesome, real". That's what the memory of Family Ties is for me. Moving away from this ridiculous web I keep weaving.... ((did you really come here to read or just to see pretty pictures?)) :) 

This family is so, so great to work with. I love photographing and getting to know families who have a creative flare...they see a vision but just need us to pull it together and finish it off for them. Perfect. A winning combo. Collaboration is king in our book. 

Hope you enjoy this funny little reindeer fella to end our post today.