We're back from Christmas break and ready to start a brand new year. A new year means a blank slate and unending possibilities. It's like a fresh new spiral bound old school notebook. Creatively, this is one of my very, very, very favorite things. I adore new notebooks and good writing pens. ***sigh*** 

This year we will celebrate our 10th year in business. We are so grateful to all of the families, mommas, daddys, grannies and grandpas who have trusted us to document fleeting moments in their lives. It's overwhelming really. 

We are excited to explore the possibilities of growth, metamorphosis and continued excellence over the next 10 years with you. 

For now, back in the saddle...lots of 2012 sessions to still post. Blogging has become one of "those" things for me. I refuse to be stressed by getting behind. I've just accepted the fact that if I'm ever fully caught up, I might just be in trouble. :) 

Here's a session that has some sweet, sweet pet loving. Enjoy and Happy New Year!