This is the time of year you can really see how far behind I am on blogging. 

The beautiful golden color is gone from the trees and I miss it so much! The time frames of the seasons sometimes seem so unfair. We have winter...dead-ness...for, like ever. Then Spring comes with all it's beautiful blooms and those fade FAST, then Summer flies by in a few brief months, then Fall....fall is like the biggest tease of them all. All those magnificent colors for 2 weeks out of 52?!!? Gah. Oh well, I guess it's a good way to go out with a bang before the death of winter comes. Sorry...that was a smidge dramatic. 

Back to the Bedards...This family is a fave. They are like the brilliance of fall all year around. I have so loved working with them since they moved to the area. Their kids are beautiful, they are beautiful, their extended family is beautiful. How can a photographer miss? They make me look good. For that, I'm grateful.