I was on my way to their home and my gps was having some issues. As I went toward my workaround plan (google), I plugged in their name and address and Southern Living popped up! Their home was featured in Southern Living! How cool is that? So of course, I shared with them my discovery and awe and then she shared with me how not so exciting or awe-inspiring the whole ordeal was. Left me thinking...yeah, well...I suppose things usually aren't what they seem, are they? I had conjured up quite the romantic photo shoot with an art director, lighting rigs, and lots of creative talk. Apparently, that's not really how it shakes down. I consider myself, informed of reality. (Still pretty cool though.)

What a sweet little family and a gorgeous back yard. I want to go back there and sit on the patio and have a glass of tea. So quiet. So peaceful. So serene. No wonder they look so happy...how could one not be happy with all that serenity? :) 

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