So we're on this farm and there's a donkey. The donkey isn't fond small children or smaller animals. The family dog walks over to it and .... well ... I'm really, really sad I didn't record it. Hilarious donkey-ness happened. You wouldn't believe the hee-ing and haw-ing. Good times for sure. Sorry no audible to hear, but we did get a quick shot of the two "friends" together! 
Check it out. 

Super fun family to be around and to photograph. I loved our time together.

Dana Boehling says:

Wow Tina!!!!!!!!
What a great photo shoot. Loved spending time with you and having such a fun time. We appreciate all the fabulous photos. We have gotten so many wonderful comments.

Dana, Greg, Elizabeth, Ross and..........(Tyson) (:

(09.17.12 @ 01:31 PM)