The first one. 
It's totally wrong in so many ways. I mean, you can really only see one persons face and really, you can't even see her that well. There are tons of imperfections with this image.
But for me, the intimacy of the embraces, the kisses, the inspection of mommy's necklace...this moment as a family... all tied up in one little's just beautiful to me. 
It's really difficult (for me) to put words on something that just "feels" good, this shot is one of those. Love it. Love the others, too. This family makes everything wonderful. 

anji says:

Ok the eighth picture from the top (where all of them, except the baby, are chasing the dad.) is really breath-taking.

There is something about seeing children run free like that.. that makes everything better.
I Really admire your work.

good thoughts
from France.

(06.02.12 @ 11:11 AM)