other stuff | January 12, 2012
Happy 2012!!!

For the first time ever, we closed our doors for two weeks to take some time to celebrate our families, rest and get inspired for the new year. I want to share a quote with you that I found a long time ago. I wish I remember where it came from so I could give credit...

So we did. Lots of looking around. Lots of sitting around. Lots of deep, meaningful conversations with people closest to me in my life. Lots of living and experiencing the simple pleasures of life, without being restricted by a taxing schedule that pulls us from one thing to the next. 

My kids had their first sleepovers ever, that was fun and not relaxing. I would post a picture, but I'm unsure if the parents would appreciate that, so I won't. 

Christmas was great. My favorite part was when my cousin jokingly asked my little girl if she got more than she deserved and she very seriously answered yes. New Year's Eve was fun. My husband and I, in the past, celebrate by sleeping (yes, I know, we are partay animals!). 
But this year, we spent it with some of our good friends, The Bales. Here's my little family at their house just moment after the clock struck.

Our kids thought (because we made them think) that their sleepover was their birthday present, but then we surprised them on their big day/New Years Day with a trip to the most magical place on earth ( <---- how do I know? because they tell me so). 

This was their reaction.  

Off we went...

We aren't big crowd people and there are so many places in the world we'd love to visit...we thought we'd wait to visit Disney for the first time until the kids were old enough to get the full experience. They are old and tall enough....and proud of it. 

We're old and tall enough, too. Did I mention this was Kevin's first trip, too? 

Warning :: Obligatory Disney pic up next.

When we arrived, we found out that Christmas at Disney was still happening. In fact, it was the last week of it. We were very happy about that. (or scared?, not sure what the expression is here)

We walked out of the restaurant at Hollywood Studios and found S N O W!!!! They made it snow!!!! We were all completely giddy. It was amazing.....and made of soap, just in case you ever wondered, "how do they DO that?".

I feel confident when I say, we rode every ride that had the dizzy, nausea warning and loved most every minute of it. 

The Tower of Terror was my very, very fave. My body physically shook for about 8 minutes after the ride had stopped. I love that humans can create experiences like that. So neat.

Holding my babies after scary rides and when we were all so tired, we could have laid our heads on the dinner table and slept for hours....that was another fave for sure.

We got to see how action movies are made.

Taylor auditioned for American Idol and rocked it.

and alas, we experienced fireworks over the castle. A magical moment, indeed.

Our trip was terrific. Thanks for letting me share some personal stuff with you! 
Small disclaimer - all images from above were shot with my iphone. Sometimes convenience just gets to trump.

Oh! Last image...While were walking around, this sign caught my attention.

We, here at Tina Wilson also have a new project that we are about to embark on over the next few years. We'll be announcing our new journey this year so stay tuned! 

Our website needs a little updating, but instead of spending our time there, we're about to start shopping for a brand new one! Knowing that.., I would love to introduce you to two very special people. If you were to ever wonder who is behind making the magic happen here, meet our two newest magic makers (and no, just because I went to Disney, I'm not going to start saying everything is magical...unless of course it IS).....

Melanie can help you find the best date for your session and answer any questions you might have about the Tina Wilson Experience. She is super sweet, uber fashionable and at your service! 

James is not your typical male. When we make "male" comments around the studio, he knows we don't mean him. He's a recent college grad and freshly married to a sweetheart of a talented wife. James makes you look like you think you look and adds slight enhancements to our images, he also designs all of our coffee table books. He's sweet, smart and gives Melanie a run for her money with being the most fashionable. 
If you've worked with us in the past, of course you know Mrs. Jenny. She's been with us now for FOUR years! We love her and we're glad you tell us you do, too. She'll be a little more behind the scenes now, but has been known to run downstairs and sneak in a hug or two from clients on occasion. 

Our deepest gratitude to you, our precious clients for allowing us to document your journey in 2011. We are elated to get to do it again this year.