This is Lydia. I met her a few years ago, and getting to know her and her family has impacted my life in an incredibly positive way. The strength that comes from this family and their story is inspiring and uplifting.  

The more I learned about Lydia, the more I knew I had to tell her story. Just before her tenth birthday, she walked for the first time. This video is small glimpse into her life. 

Kristen Reedy says:

Perfection - what a sweet angel...

(01.26.12 @ 09:28 PM)
Celia says:

I'm sobbing. Absolutely beautiful....

(01.26.12 @ 09:29 PM)
Kristy McCaleb says:

That was the most touching and beautiful story! What an amazing family!

(01.26.12 @ 09:47 PM)
Christina Vella says:

Beautiful blessing

(01.26.12 @ 10:36 PM)
Amy Carter Bland says:

Amazing miracles you have shown us and reminded us of today!

(01.27.12 @ 06:14 AM)
Heather Russ Joyner says:

Thank you for sharing - What a beautiful family you have!! God is good.

(01.27.12 @ 09:01 AM)
Melinda Mayeur says:

How precious! Lydia is such a beautiful girl with amazing parents.

(01.27.12 @ 09:26 AM)
Randy Sharrow says:

We also want to thank all of Lydia's teachers, therapists including EG the therapy horse and doctors for all the help with what she has been able to accomplish.

(01.27.12 @ 08:35 PM)
Julie Flynt says:

What a precious angel! And what wonderful parents she has. Betsey and Randy, you guys are amazing, just like your beautiful daughter.

(01.28.12 @ 08:39 PM)
Janet Toms Hundley says:

Randy and Betsy, how beautiful and inspiring. I have a 7 year old daughter who has epilepsy, so I completely relate to your story. It just makes me smile to see your beautiful daughter doing so well! Wonderful!

(01.30.12 @ 12:33 AM)
Jessica B Photography says:

Just Beautiful!!! Congratulations to Lydia!!! Thank you all for sharing.

(02.02.12 @ 02:52 PM)
Wendy says:

I am so blessed by having watched this video today. Thank you Tina for sharing it, thank you to this beautiful family for living it. I have always loved Amazing Grace, but never has it been sung so sweetly, so beautifully. Lydia is such a little miracle, and her parents are shining examples for all of us. May God continue His blessings upon you.

(03.05.12 @ 12:26 PM)
Anonymous says:

How Amazingly and Gracefully beautiful.....

(04.14.12 @ 04:58 PM)