Not truly a fair title for this post because you don't get to hear what I heard while I was photographing. 

They are smiling in this first image because they saw me crying. ((I know...shocking.)) She wrote a song and her daddy plays the guitar while she sings it. Not just a give me money and buy me awesome cars teenage song, like a real, heartfelt, mature song. The more I talk about it, the more upset you'll be with me for not just recording it and posting it on here. Or maybe I did record it and you'll just have to wait to see it? :) 

Becky says:

Love. Love. Love. I tho I it's amazing and awesome that your clients make YOU cry because I know when they see your work - it is you who make them cry!!! Great work, as always.

(12.15.11 @ 09:38 AM)