big kids | November 07, 2011
Friendships, laughing, inside jokes, sharing the same hobbies and interests....those are the things that make friendships great, aren't they? I enjoy getting to meet High School Seniors and their friends. I see value in photographing them together, too. I believe it's an important part of what their journey is like right now in life. This senior was just photographed as a part of that senior's session. So fun to watch those kids laugh and be silly.They seem to be super great friends.

She not only has great friends...she has some incredible parents, too! People I would just like to sit down with for hours over coffee and learn about life. 

She's also a gymnast, a tree climber, a scuba diver, she loves her aquarium (which, by the way, I can honestly say, this was a first for me to photograph someone with an aquarium) and she has the perfect personalized license plate...It has her name on it. I always wanted to do that, but "Tina" just never seemed cool enough to print in a dominant space like that. Anyhoo, hope you love your images and enjoy the rest of your senior year Miss Kyndall!