all in the family | November 23, 2011
Before I die, I want to not only see this entire family ski at one time, but I also want to photograph them doing so.
I was super excited about this session for many reasons...1. I just L O V E the family. Do you remember them? Here's a link to their Life, Actually a few years back. Grab a box of tissue for this one! Being around them is always enough of a treat, but then getting to meet more of them? I was pumped to say the very least. 

We were chatting in our planning session and it turns out that there is a long history of professional show skiers in their family. Actually...her mother married her father because their parents thought the way she had to climb on him to create a pyramid while on skis was inappropriate. Do you love that? The history and the significance this session had was almost too rich for me! I couldn't get enough of the stories and memories they shared. 

The 2nd thing I was so excited about is that we had planned to do a generational in everyone would be on skis

at the same time

behind one boat

in a pyramid


That will happen one day. Unfortunately it couldn't for various reasons this time. 

The old boats, old skis, the house the grandfather built, the summers spent here, the mere fact that everyone in the family skis and it's part of who they are, the memories being created still today...the whole thing. Just the whole darn thing. Loved it. Want to do it again next summer!!

Anonymous says:

Ooooo, I LURVE their life actually...I think it's my absolute fave one I've seen.

(11.23.11 @ 08:17 PM)