This fiery red head called us with the sweetest little sweet tea voice you can imagine and told us that aviation was her family's passion. After being around her for a few hours, I got it. She is so passionate about aviation it brought me to tears ((I know, imagine that)). Anyway, when she talks about it, she lights up. There's a fire in her that burns deep for it. I flipping L O V E to be around people like that. It's exactly what makes life so fun to wake up to every morning.

In the images below, you'll see her with her daddy and her family. She and her dad run Tri City Aviation and her husband is the mechanic there (hence the shot of him with a toolbox bigger than my car). Her daughters also love aviation and once even had their birthday party out there. How fun is that! Loved getting to know this family and what makes their world go around. 

Ashley Warren says:

Love this so much! As a wife of a pilot, I can identify!! Aviation is just a part of you! Great images!!

(09.28.11 @ 01:09 PM)