You may remember this family...they're quite unforgettable. 
They have personality PLUS! Plus what? Plus more personality, that's what. 
I literally either laugh or have permagrin from the time they walk in to the moment we part. 
Their joy, sarcasm, dry humor and depth leave me wanting more every time I see them. 
Oh, and did I mention their willingness to do crazy things? They let me lay their first son
down in really tall grass, wrapped in a blanket up on Roan Mtn.. This year they let me float their new baby boy down the river in a basket. They rock. 

We did a two part session Maternity/Newborn. Both by water to carry the theme. I think it's pretty obvious in the images where one story stops and the other starts. Isn't it cool how our bodies, as women, change so drastically, so rapidly? I love that.