Yes, this family is gorgeous and made me cry at the shoot. They are beautiful on the inside AND out. Quick and super funny story (that I only wish would transfer in type as funny as it is in person) :: when they came in to order their images, the brought their youngest daughter with them. She's from China and they have only had her in their family for a little while. 
She wanted a snack and mom says, "say please" she responded, "piiiip?" Sweetest look on her face and most precious voice, sounded nothing like please but was the best word I've ever heard a child say. 

I love that I was able to encounter this family and hear their little punkin in her first stages of learning how to communicate with English words. What a sweet little blessing. :)  

Jenn says:

Amazing - thank you so much Tina for capturing MeiMei's first FOREVER family photos! I am so blessed!

(08.17.11 @ 09:26 PM)