The mommy of this precious child is a photographer in Knoxville. She has never allowed anyone to professionally photograph her daughter (obviously because she is mucho capable). She happened to see a life, actually on my blog one day, then we found "the field" and decided to do impromptu mini sessions within a few days she said, why not? 

Can I tell you how glad I am that she did!?!!!! My life may have not had the same amounts of sweetness in it had I not met her little girl. She's my new pal. What a beautiful, giggly, precious little soul this child is. I love her to bits!

Becky says:

LOVE these so much!! You made her feel so special and I truly enjoyed watching you work. You brought out the giggles in her immediately and that is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for capturing her soul in these images. We love them.

(08.17.11 @ 11:24 PM)