lil' kids | August 26, 2011
From Princess to Jedi, this precious baby girl is growing up! 
You can see the contrast one year makes if you check out her birthday party from last year.

Not Princess or Jedi, but if you're a sap like me and just love to see children grow, you can see another super fun birthday of hers here.

AND just because I was searching through their old sessions, I found this of the very first Life, Actually videos we ever made. "Rub-a-dub-dub Rex!" 

To celebrate her 5th birthday...she planned her party (yes, she did) around Star Wars.


There was an obstacle course that everyone had to go through. If you completed the course,  the force was with you...or you battled the dark side, or was it joined the dark side? Truly, I know nothing about Star Wars..I'm sure it was something to the effect of one of the aforementioned processes, though. More importantly, look how determined and serious she took it.


And then the rain came. Lots of it. These images crack me up. It's as if there has been mass destruction...SAVE YOURSELVES!

The party moved inside...just in time to open gifts! 

Playtime was nothing short of hilarious with all the lightsabers, blasters and p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l-i-t-y. 

These kids looked like they had the time of their lives at this party. Watching them made made me smile so much my cheeks were aching.

Happy 5th Birthday, little Addy. May all your wishes come true!