I'm loving getting to know more and more people in Kentucky!

I'm a huge fan of bellies, babies and watching the process of growth from time the seed is planted (is that too graphic? don't mean to be gross...so put on your sweet, rose-colored glasses filter as your reading this). 

You'll get to see more of this couple through out the year because they are a part of our Growin' Like a Weed Baby Program.  <------ Click that if you've never heard of Growin' Like a Weed.

Speaking of never hearing of something...Check out the book in the first picture...Have you ever seen anything so cute? I want one. Don't know why, I just do. ;) 

Racque Noel says:

Simply Beautiful. I almost did not make out you guys.

Great work Tina!!!!!

(08.13.11 @ 06:57 PM)