I've never been to a big stadium without thinking about the nostalgia of what baseball is in America. Going to watch a game is such an American thing to do, ya know? I can't find words to describe the feeling it gives me, it's just comfortable magic if I had to spit two descriptors out right now. Sounds silly to read that...but it IS kinda the two best words for me.

This little boy is obsessed with baseball and has been since I can remember. (Here's his last session if you're interested in peeking). His mom told me that this session was her dream session. I feel so grateful that she would trust me to document this special time in their life. They do baseball things, alot and so when this little punkin grows up and looks back on these images, hopefully all of the memories of his childhood with his parents at the ballpark will come flooding back to him. 

Isn't it cool how every family has their very own set of activities, ideas, beliefs, traditions? I love so, SO much seeing all of those nuances and being fortunate enough to document them.

mandi maxwell says:

oh my goodness! these are the sweetest pictures i have ever seen! in the thirs one you will look back and wonder what hes thinking! maybe hes thinking about being a pro ball player! so sweet!

(06.19.11 @ 08:54 AM)