lil' kids | June 22, 2011
(((warning...I'm not a writer...I'm a dreamer))) 

I love moments when our kids struggle with the decision to be totally independent vs. needing to be held or touched continually. I watched way too many cartoons as a kid (ahem...and maybe even as an adult...). When I see these images, I see the picture in my mind of the momma birdie who is scooching (yeah, I said scooching) her baby birds toward the edge of the nest to let them fly, but there's still an uncertainty that they can really do it on their own, so they retract. Then what? Then of course, momma bird is right there to cuddle them up and give reassurance that it truly will be okay. 

That's how it happened in the cartoons I watched anyway. I'm a sucker for symbolism. 

note : the image where he's walking through the field with his arms up....sigh....I love what is happening in this image...."hold me, mommy...get me". Blissful, fleeting mushiness.