Do I need to talk about how truly GORGEOUS both of these girls are? 
When I look at this bride, all I can think of is, "My Lord, she's just stunning!"...then she talks and I does one person have so many great things going on at once? ;) 

She's beautiful, she's sweet, she has excellent taste and I love that she wanted to include her flower girl in her bridal shots. 

And if you want to see more of her sidekick showstopper, click this link.

Congrats on the wedding! Happy journey to you and your sweet fella! 

Kate Buechner says:

Love these images, she is a beautiful bride and her flowergirl is so cute...

(05.13.11 @ 08:31 AM)
Lenora Penny says:

Your work is amazing! I love evey session I have had with you! I cant wait to take more pictures with you in the future!!

(07.15.11 @ 01:56 PM)