yep....Two of them actually! 

Meet my friend, Allison. We went to high school and graduated together. She's just as sweet and beautiful now as she was in school. Not to mention she's multiplied...she and her husband have made some gorgeous twin boys (whom she endearingly refers to as her "cubs or cubbies" <---so stinkin' cute). 

We went with her parents to a local farm and walked away with images that I would have killed to have when my twins were her boy's age. I love this session. Sweet, sweet, sweetness! 

The greatest thing I could tell you about Allison (besides the fact that she's a smokin' hot mama) is that her attitude is completely contagious! She has THE BEST attitude about being a mom, being hundreds of miles away from all of her family with 2 new babies and everything else under the sun.........babies getting bigger, changing stages, all the things in life that stress most people out and send them into a tizzy, she handles with beautiful finesse and let's it all just run off her back. So inspiring to be around. Grateful to have the opportunity to document her precious family and reconnect with her after all these years. 

David Ford says:

This is stunning work Tina! I especially love the first photo and the 8th from the top. I would love to chat with you about photography in the Tri Cities some time.

(05.27.11 @ 09:59 AM)