big kids | May 24, 2011
What a treat to meet this little girl!

I have to be honest....I was a little nervous to meet her at first. She has cerebral palsy and not having experience being around children with this condition, I wasn't sure what to expect. But now I know. I know to expect to smile so big it makes my face hurt (like the entire time that she's in my presence). I know to expect to leave with a heart so full it threatens bursting right out of my chest. 

I smiled for days after I met her. 

She made me laugh so hard just by telling me "boo", then asking me to tell her boo. I went straight home and told my husband and kids about her and enjoyed thinking about what blessing she is for the entire weekend. 

Sometimes life's most simple pleasures just fall right into our paths when we're least expecting them.

Teresa Stafford says:

She is a beautiful little girl and your experience was very's definitely brightened an otherwise plain day. Thanks for sharing!!

(06.01.11 @ 02:44 PM)
Nicole says:

I was introduced to your photography by her mother. She is a very beautiful child and has a wonderful supporting family. I think highly of them. Her pictures are amazing. You did a great job. Thank you for sharing your story and her pictures!

(08.17.11 @ 08:28 PM)