big kids | March 03, 2011
Grace Church in Kingsport did a crazy cool outreach around Christmas called "The Big Give". I think they gave away a car or something insane like that. I dig creative churches. Anyway...we got to be a part of the spirit of giving during that time and THIS was the proud recipient! 

I loved getting to meet her and her mom and had too much fun photographing her session. Did I mention they made me a scarf? It's just like the one she's wearing at the end of this post. How cool is that? Neat people. 

Neat concept. 

Kayla Erin Brooks says:

Tina your photos are soooooo good! I hope you will teach me some of your tricks!

(03.03.11 @ 10:26 AM)
Mira Wise says:

Thank you so much for "The Big Give" What a great experience! So loved working with you. Thanks again for your generosity!

(03.03.11 @ 11:27 AM)