Hate when I do that. Just realized I forgot to post this sweet little session back a few months ago. Better late than never? EEk. Sorry, Mrs. Janet!

So, my kids and I were cheering on the runners for Chasing Snakes 10k race last weekend and we are situated at the "1/2 mile to go" point. We can see runners coming down Hillrise Blvd., they cross over Baxter and breeze right past us. So at this point in the race, most people are pretty straight faced and serious or struggling a bit. This guy comes across Baxter and I swear he jumped with so much energy and enthusiasm, I really think he could have jumped over my head while I was standing.....it was the fella in these pictures. He's crazy. 5.5 miles and he had energy like he had just started. Wish I could do that. 

Fab family. Love em to bits!!!