I met this family a couple of years ago through my husband's company Christmas party. One of the daughters and the dad actually went to Rwanda with Hope 2.2.1. last summer, so, I've had the pleasure and good fortune to get to know them very well over the past year. They are not only tall in stature, but super big in faith and family. We were talking once about different business and leadership books and I will never forget what Dave said...he said, "Yeah, I should probably read those books, but really I just learn what I need from the bible." What a strong statement that was to me! Such a beautiful example.

There was a moment during their ordering session when their son made me cry like a baby...(I know, shocking)...he said, during the photo shoot, when I was taking pictures of his sisters, he couldn't help think of how beautiful they were. Are you serious? I love this family. I want my son to talk that way about my daughter when they grow up! Teach me Dave and Jennifer! Teach me! You're family is incredible and I'm blessed to have been able to document this time in your journey. Thank you for sharing your sweetness with me. 

ps...please don't hate me for posting my favorite shot...second to last. ;)