life actually | February 23, 2011
We're updating, rejiggering and tweaking the daylights out of our Signature Baby Plan.... Growin' Like a Weed. One of the new inclusions is this.....

Rose Life, Actually from tina wilson on Vimeo.

Erin says:

Love it!!! They will love this forever...Wish I got some of my infant pics with me in them. I know - I was like - no shots of me... But so wish Ihad them now. And thanks for doing this vimeo now that I no longer am going to have babies...

(02.23.11 @ 03:30 PM)
Jessica B says:

Gorgeous! What a fantastic keepsake!!!

(02.23.11 @ 04:56 PM)
Melissa says:

This is such an amazing gift you have given this family. An absolute treasure!

(03.13.11 @ 05:53 PM)