Once in awhile, a family comes along that I feel like I connect with on a different level. I can't really explain it, but I definitely "feel" it. It's so comfortable being around them and watching them love one another. Love is so fun to watch! :) 

As their family tree grows, every time I see them, it's almost as if I can SEE their roots are getting deeper and their relationships maturing. So neat. Okay, yes I may be mushy...but THIS is what it's ALL about! I love this stuff...and I love this family. (and I hope I look half as cool as this g'ma when I'm a g'ma.)

Jack Saady says:

I adore the image with the boy and his fireman's hat.

(02.15.11 @ 01:18 PM)
Susie says:

These are awesome!

(12.09.13 @ 11:35 AM)