I love "at home" sessions because life changes

Kids grow up. 

They don't want measuring charts and pink everywhere pretty soon. They don't want to be cuddled and hold chickens pretty soon. They would simply die if they were ever discovered being crazy in love with a stuffed animal pretty soon. 

I hate when this happens....but I love it. Isn't growth bittersweet? Maybe I'm just a weirdo. ;)  

Chris says:

Loooooooove the 2nd to the last one, but they're all awesome!

(02.06.11 @ 07:50 PM)
Jessica B says:

Goodness, that landscape is soooo breathtaking. I am having strange thoughts of wondering if I could make my desert wasteland look as beautiful as that. I don't know if it's possible... but maybe one of these days I'll try... :)

(02.08.11 @ 01:22 AM)