I so love this first picture. The girl sitting at the piano is the oldest daughter of the family. She's a senior this year and besides being very talented at playing piano, she is also the artist of the picture that is hanging right in front of her. I love it for so many different reasons...

I also love very much that her younger sister is soooo good with these little deercows. Yes, there's a more official name for them, but to me, they are cows that happen to freakishly resemble deer. She stuck her whole hand in one of their mouths! I freaked out...she giggled. Funny stuff. Guess you had to be there. 

Anyhoo! The girls love to read together, so my very fave pic of the whole session is the shot of them reading their books together. I really loved them all. This family is just amazingly sweet, so precious. I'm blessed to have crossed paths with them.