These women work HARD for you! 

They work hard for their families. They work hard for themselves. They work hard so your children can have the most precious memory of "family" when they grow up and look back on this period in their lives. I love these women! I get to put my name on the door, but they are the ones that make it all happen. Blessed to have each and every one of them. They add value to my life and I'm so thankful that I get to come to work with them everyday. 

((( The images below were taken with a photobooth that we will soon be renting out for Holiday Parties, Birthday Parties, Auctions, Gatherings, etc. Call us if your interested! )))

Chesney says:

i LOVE it!

(11.10.10 @ 10:51 AM)
Julie Dunworth says:

The one of all of you together should DEFINITELY be framed and hung in the office. G.R.E.A.T. picture!!!

(11.10.10 @ 10:03 PM)
Shanna Strader says:

Hey Kim, these are great pictures. You look like you have fun at work.

(11.11.10 @ 01:22 PM)
Mother-in-law Sue says:

I see in these pictures, that all of you 'love' what you do, and enjoy being together; if the work-place ceases to be fun, then the 'hard-work' doesn't happen. Hello to all & thanks for sending the pictures! Mom Taylor

(11.14.10 @ 10:07 PM)