They've since added another beautiful baby boy to their family. As I drove back out to their place again (located in the middle of nowhere), my senses did exactly the same thing they did the time before...I was in a total state of peace. Farm land, organic, hard work, good old days, my great grandpa...these are the only thoughts that come to mind when my surroundings are miles and miles of farm land. Super nice change of pace. 

Basically, for their session this year, we just did the same thing we did last time. I love "seeing" families just where they are...their journey LOOKS so specific to who they truly are, these images couldn't look the same if I went back and "did" the same type of session every year for the next 5 years. Every session would include sweet tea, tractors, fields, trucks, dogs, farm equipment and lotsa love. Excited to repeat it again and again and again. :)