Do you remember last year's session? Here it is :  The bed on a floating dock
If you have been following my work for any length of time, you may be saying to yourself..."Why on earth does this family always seem to be laying on a bed?" One day I will answer that question for you...perhaps, I may do an interview with Amanda and just let you hear it straight from her mouth. At any rate, our annual sessions are always a complete blast for both of us and this year was no exception. We flew over to Mountain City and threw a bed up in a tree....

I really want to tell you more about all the significance this family has in my life and how special they are to me...if you search "bracken" in the search box located to the top right of this screen, you can learn probably more that you want to know. ;) Suffice to say they are super, super special people with great big hearts and an insatiable hunger for life and adding value to others. Beautiful inside and out. 

Diana says:

Ok so this is unusual but the shots are amazing, the family is gorgeous, and THAT TREE is perfection. But I have to admit I'm curious WHY this elaborate set up? And every year?!

(11.23.10 @ 12:37 PM)
Rachel Anglen says:

Ok so:
1. Yes I have asked the question why always a bed.
2. I have been looking forward to seeing these pics after them talking about it in small group and honestly I was thinking for some reason there may have been a Boa snake involved...not sure why that was in my head lol.
3. This family IS TRULY ABSOLUTELY amazing! What huge hearts they have. I cannot tell you how they have changed Ross and I's life through the parenting study they are leading and all the knowledge they freely give!
4. These photos ROCK! What a perfect time capture for where they are in this moment in time. Love the tree, love the bed, love the color, love the attire (comfy stylish pj's...Amanda's favorite)! and most of all love the emotion! I look at their photos now with a whole new perspective knowing their hearts for mission and family.
5. I love you Tina...and I love you Brackens...and I don't say I love you alot...

(11.23.10 @ 09:28 PM)
Amanda Bracken says:

Can't wait to answer the 'bed' question....... soon! Tina, you are an amazing photographer and a beautiful friend... I'm so grateful for you. Rachel, you are so sweet and you & Ross have been such a blessing to us. Thanks for your kind words and more importantly for your hearts to effect lives positively. Love being on the parenting journey with you! (although I confess to having no clue where your snake idea came from, you will have to ask Tina about a real-life snake experience on one of our shoots!) Diana, your words are sweet and your question is warranted, but I'm afraid the answer may disappoint. You say elaborate & I get tickled....I never thought they were! We have way too much fun, way too many goofy moments, and way too many ideas to think of it as anything less than just an opportunity to do something we haven't done before. Guess that's just what happens when you get two minds working together that thrive on change and life 'outside the box'. It's just too fun to pass up and the icing on the cake is that it gets to showcase how amazing my friend Tina really is at her craft. Kuddos to you Tina, you rock our world!

(11.24.10 @ 12:39 AM)