This session was photographed down in MacDonald, TN where all the backyards look like this....just kidding. If that were so, I'd insist on living there. Anyway, this is kinda in their backyard, which I thought was fabulous. I love the natural feel of the session and these kids are GORGEOUS to boot! 

Adding horses was a fun twist, I'm glad we did because it's where the family is right now (well, maybe not right this second, but in their journey) the kids are riding and whatnot. I love the simple feel of it and was so excited that the grandparents could join us. Looking forward to next year! :) 

Falak@RIP Software says:

Yes i agree with you what a cute family. So lovely and i saw their eternal love via your every picture. Its called the bonding of a family.

(10.30.10 @ 12:46 AM)
Daniel says:

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(12.08.16 @ 05:50 AM)