I could write for hours about my sweet friend. To only say she's "simply amazing" doesn't do her justice, but she knows exactly how I feel about her...that's the important thing for me. : ) 

I'd love to tell you a precious story about how romantic this session was...something to the tune of "we laughed and played and the children enjoyed it as much as the adults and blah blah blah" but that would be a total lie. Reality was it was sweltering hot. We were all sweaty (....as in the kids were even sweaty, heck, the dog was hot!). Totally not good conditions for a large group family portrait but it was just the challenge I'm always looking for.

I feel so, so honored that they allowed me to document such a time as this in their lives. 
Beautiful people. All of them. Beautiful, just beautiful. 

mary crow says:

I love the image of the boy and his dog...


(08.19.10 @ 02:55 PM)
Colin Johnson says:

These are great!

(08.19.10 @ 03:47 PM)
Kathy Lewis says:

These are, each and everyone, absolutely wonderful!!!!

(08.19.10 @ 04:58 PM)