The idea came in from Erin ....we loved the way she pitched it, so we thought we'd share it with you .....

"Mom in 50's style type dress and apron rolling her eyes with a martini in hand - and four kids around kitchen floor - one is covered in flour, one is a chocolate mess, one with a huge spill of milk on the ground with a milk mustache and one crying and running...
That is how i am feeling today - nice, huh???"
We LOVED the concept and the execution was more fun than I dreamed it would be. She even bought real Bon Bons! Too fun! Congratulations on being the Big Winner of our contest, Erin! Your book is in the works! 

Jessica White says:

This is great!!! And I'm sure she'd have the kids, as well as the house, all cleaned up with dinner on the table before daddy gets home from work!!! Very cute!

(08.18.10 @ 01:04 PM)
Melanie says:

This is my life. I totally love this photoshoot!!!

(08.18.10 @ 01:23 PM)
Michelle Werner says:

How fun!! Love it!!

(08.18.10 @ 02:11 PM)