I love the simplicity of this session. It feels good to me.
The family is gorgeous and just as sweet as they are beautiful. When she came in to see the images, I couldn't contain myself. I cried for her! Ridiculous, I know. Just couldn't help it. 
Her boys are growing up, graduating, moving out...they're just in a new phase of life and it made me sad to think that one day in the not so distant future, Kevin and I will have to go through that, too. Oh Lord, I'm gonna start crying again! 

Isn't it funny how we spend our whole lives as parents preparing our kids for "this" moment and when it comes, we don't want to let go. Seems like it should be easier knowing the goal has been achieved. Not to say that parenting is over at 18/college by any means, but just leaving the nest, ya know? Heck...I'm saying *we* don't want to let go...I'm just flashing forward. I know I won't want to let go. All of my sentences are running together, I'm rambling. Sorry. Sigh....