So I gave her some! This post is loaded up with some good family lovin'! 

How we met : 
I was strolling around a trade show in Nashville back in January and a girl walks up to me and says, "Are you Tina Wilson?"...The rest is history. After the show, I contacted her for a get together here at the studio and she joined us, then booked a session with me. I was thrilled!

One of the highest compliments I receive is when a talented photographer allows me to photograph their family. What trust. Love and feel honored that I had the opportunity to document her first family portrait! 

Rachel says:

Awwww he has gotten so big!! Cutie pie!!

(07.01.10 @ 03:09 PM)
Meghan says:

Amanda these are beautiful! Tina, you captured this family's sweet nature and love for one another perfectly!

(07.02.10 @ 08:39 AM)
Amanda Shea says:

Tina, you know I love, love, love these photos. They capture such a magical time in our lives---one with our new, smiley, lovey, full-of-expressions baby. I can't capture the three of us together and am so glad you DID! Thank you over and over. We will cherish these always. In fact, Liam smiled and even laughed at some of them when I showed him the blog entry this afternoon. Just think how much he'll appreciate having these years down the Thank you. They are so much fun ~ and beautiful!

(07.02.10 @ 10:01 PM)