Visiting these 10 week old twins takes me back to vague memories I have of when mine were born just 7 years ago. I looked at them......

one boy / one girl
one fussy / one peaceful 
one parent grabs one / one parent grabs the other
classic pink / classic blue
tiny toes, tiny hands, little noses and lots of work!!! But rewarding to have multiples!  

In the moments of those first 3 months, daily...DAILY! I would think things like, "this is hard...will this ever get easier....will I ever sleep again....I can't do it....what have we done...I wonder if we take them back to the hospital, would they care for them while we rest a few days.....where are the pitter patters of little feet....this is not what I thought it would be". Beautifully touching mommy moments, heh? Sad, but true. 

At this point in our journey, I can't remember feeling any of those things. It's like the hard times never existed. Unfortunately, the other memories are almost too fuzzy, too though. I have to work *really hard* to remember them. (I don't have pictures that depict these moments either.) Those little bitty hands that wouldn't even fit around the end of my finger. Those little noses that would completely disappear under the tip of my finger. Those sweet little looks they give you raising their brow and smiling when they can't say a word and the feeling of always wondering what they were thinking.  

Ahhhhh. Ok. That's enough. I will not have another baby. I will not have another baby. I will not have another baby. Here's the precious twins 10 weeks in to their journey through this life.