This is their first professional lifestyle portrait session. What a perfect family for this type of session! They play London Bridges, dance with one another, run and jump in each other's arms, fly around, play football and love love love all over each other. There is nothing greater to photograph than watching a family love each other. Love is fun to watch......and seeing it through my camera looks like this : 

chris says:

Strange question, but was this in Cleveland, TN?

(07.07.10 @ 12:55 PM)
chris says:

Oh... Amazing photos, as usual, by the way!

(07.07.10 @ 12:58 PM)
Tina Wilson says:

Hey Chris! Thanks! and yes, it was Cleveland, TN at the Filhaur House. Have you been there?

(07.07.10 @ 01:06 PM)
nfl store says:

great post,how sweat:)

(07.10.10 @ 04:25 AM)