Hart Life, Actually from tina wilson on Vimeo.

Life, Actually...Remember the moments clearly.
This concept photographed and orchestrated by Tina Wilson Photography (photography of life for life)

tinawilsonphotography.com 2010

Jessica B says:

Fabulous! What a treasure for this family!

(07.21.10 @ 11:12 PM)
Mary Craig says:

Tina, this is priceless! We've watched it over and over again. The kids love watching it, too. You perfectly captured our family and everyone's personalities. THANK YOU!!!

(07.22.10 @ 02:49 PM)
Priscila says:

hello tina, this video is fabulous and the musics are perfect. Who is singing?
thanks :). Priscila

(07.27.10 @ 12:03 AM)
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