Well, yesterday I shared with you the day that precious angel Piper joined us in the world...today I'm going to share the same little bundle all cleaned up and getting acclimated to being on this side of her mommy (and daddy). 

Love the clothes and colors they selected for this session (...imma getme one of those dresses.) We photographed this session at the studio. Nice and simple. Love it.

Before all the goodness....just want to add this :: these moments are so, so fleeting. Look how tiny her hand is compared to her daddy's thumb!!! I can't remember...I S-W-O-R-E I would remember how tiny my kids were, how tiny their hands were, but I just can't. 

Savor it. 
Savor it. 
Savor it.

And have it photographed....anytime, any age, any mood. Just do it. You will not regret the investment you make. Trust me on this one. 

liz says:

I cried looking at your baby pics, simply gorgeous!

(04.26.11 @ 02:49 PM)