If you've ever had a planning session with me, you'll know that I typically don't recommend everyone to wear white shirts for a session. Honestly, I guess the thoughts of it feels so uniform-ish.....and let's not dismiss the idea that I've photographed about 2 million families wearing all white, so maybe I'm just jaded from it in that regard. 

At any rate, this family showed up in all white...all different styles of white, but all white. Automatically, I think "classic" and the word "classic" (or my interpretation of it anyway) doesn't invigorate me to create incredible images. HOWEVER, as we moved through the session and then started to process it, I've found that I have fallen in love with the end result. 

The way it feels is so refreshing to me. It's so simple, so clean and relational. The combination of the clothing and the location can really intensify what the viewer sees and I think on this day...for this family...we had it all. The most important thing about all of this is that this is who they are. When I look at this session, I'm not thinking about anything but the relationships happening in the images. That's a great thing.