I've been lucky enough to photograph this couple (the grandparents) for years. Every time I'm around them, I can feel their love for each other. That sounds completely ridiculous, yes I know. But it's true. They've been married for years and years and years and they still act like they're dating. It's cute. It makes me smile. It makes me want that in my own marriage.

So then, I meet the rest of their family and guess what? Yep. They are just like like their parents. Fun, free and full of joy and laughter. For a photographer, it doesn't get much better than that. Loved being with this family and having an opportunity to document all of them together...in one place....at one time....(congrats for pulling those schedules off!).  

Theresa says:

Thank you!!!

(06.19.10 @ 12:41 AM)
tina fisher says:

what beautiful pictures! They are a great family and they are truly blessed!

(06.20.10 @ 05:00 PM)
Rachel Pritchard says:

Breathe taking just .......WOW!!!

(06.24.10 @ 09:04 PM)