Post title FAIL. That was pretty lame I suppose.....glad the images aren't though! 

From High School Senior portraits--------> Wedding Day----------> First Baby....this is truly what it's all about for us! I love that we've been so fortunate to document these fleeting moments for this couple. Is her belly too cute! She's going to be a great mommy. I'm so excited for her. Seems like just yesterday she was graduating high school! Time literally flies.

It's a girl! If you're nosy like me and can't wait to find out!!! girls. ((( swoon )))
They told me this will be their "first of many" babies and I'm so excited for them! Walking into the world of parenthood for the first time is such a monumental place in life for all of us, isn't it?

I have the honor of getting to photograph the birth day and newborn session as well, so you'll get to know her a bit. ;) Watch in the next few weeks. She's almost here! 

Brittany says:

LOVE THEM, you did such a great job (as usual!)

(05.03.10 @ 08:08 PM)