baby babies , lil' kids | May 10, 2010
I could go on and on (and I do most times) about how much I love childhood and real moments. Today won't be much different.

A newborn comes into a family where there's just been one happy little punkin floating around the house for several years and bam! There's a WHAT coming to live with us? A baby??? What's a baby? I'm going to be a big brother? Oh. Okay....whatever that means. 

Fast forward, the baby comes. I've seen alot of things transpire at this point...jealousy, resentment, tenderness and affection....lots of different things. For this family, it honestly felt so  natural. It felt like just another day. Big brother didn't show any huge swings in behavior. He loved and cared for his new baby brother, but he still played and did his thing, too. His whole little self wasn't completely wrapped up in the newness of the change in their home. I loved watching that. 

Sure personalities go a long way but what great parents they are to have prepared their home to roll with the punches. Very inspiring. Very. Loved every second of seeing it all play out.